Seventh Day Christian
The following audio sermons are arranged in an order that builds upon the subjects. It is recommended to listen in this order. The most recent is at the bottom of the list.

What The Prophesies Prove Different sermons, SAME content The Christ, The Messiah
How Should We Worship?
Be Like A Child: Willing and Obedient
Daniel Prophet For The End Daniel 2
Daniel Roadmap To The End Daniel 7
The Sabbath; A Perpetual Sign Daniel 8
Messiah's 70 Weeks Daniel 9
Different, SAME content The Time is Fulfilled Daniel 9
The Anti-Christ
An Astonishing Vision Daniel 10
Signs Of His Coming Matthew 24
The Second Coming of Jesus
Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus
Isaiah’s End of the World
Beating Swords Into Plowshares Micah 4
Comfort My People
Enduring Faith
Satan Our Enemy
Dead Or Alive
The Sabbath in the New Testament
The Delightful Sabbath
The Long Arm Of Yahweh
Conformed Or Transformed (Part 1)
Milk Or Meat (Part 2)
Imitators Of God (Part 3)
Why The Lost Will Be Lost
The Only Thing God Ever Needed
How To Fight The Most Important Battle
Revelation 1 Revelation 2
Revelation 3
Revelation 4-5
Revelation 6
Revelation 7
Revelation 8
Revelation 9
Revelation 10
Revelation 11
Different sermons, SAME content How Will It End?
Revelation 12
Revelation 13 The Mark of The Beast
Revelation 14,15,16 The 3 Angels and the 7 Last Plagues
Scripture Reading
Revelation 14, 15, and 16
Revelation 17 and 18 Babylon Is Fallen
Revelation 21 and 22 Our New Home Heaven
Pagan or Pure
Holy Halloween or Devil’s Night? Part 1
Holy Halloween or Devil’s Night? Part 2
When Will We Worship In Heaven?
The Miracle of Pentecost Part 1
The Miracle of Pentecost Part 2
Mankind’s Final Day of Atonement
Scripture Reading Leviticus 16 Memorial of Trumpets
Blessings And Curses Part 1
Blessings And Curses Part 2
Faith of Our Fathers?
Abominable Delicacies
Be Attitudes To Be Holy
Saul’s Story: “To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice”
Out of This World Part 1
Out of This World Part 2
The Deadliest Thing
The Story of The Passover
The Tomb of Jesus
Branches Plucked From The Fire
What Will Heaven Be Like?
Is The Free Gift Really Free?
Revelation 17 Reveals How Long Added 2/19/2010
Searching the Scriptures for Sabbath Added 2/19/2010
The Terms of the New Covenant Added 2/19/2010 High Quality*
Satan's Coming Added 2/19/2010 High Quality*
The State of the Dead Added 2/19/2010 High Quality*
The Plan of Salvation Part 1 Added 2/19/2010 High Quality*
The Plan of Salvation Part 2 Added 2/19/2010 High Quality*
The Plan of Salvation Part 3 Added 2/19/2010 High Quality*
What is Sanctification? Added 2/19/2010 High Quality*
Prayer and Fasting Added 4/11/2010 High Quality*

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The normal link should work with dialup.


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